What I learnt from #HousingDay 2014

New homes are needed (photo taken by Stuart Thomas)
New homes are needed (photo taken by Stuart Thomas)
New homes are needed (photo taken by Stuart Thomas http://www.stuthomas.com/)

#HousingDay – a tweetathon by housing associations thought up by communications bod Adrian Capon – was designed to spread the word about all the good work that happens in the UK’s social housing sector as part of the Homes for Britain campaign.

It definitely spread the word. The hashtag trended all day on Twitter in the UK and reached the second trending spot (behind #CometLanding) at its peak.

Thousands of tweets were shared: from tenants’ stories about how much their home means to them, statistics on the number of houses being built up and down the UK, to staff selfies and more.

I planned mhs homes’ content and coverage for the day, scheduled posts, added to our Storify (see below), live tweeted out and about on our estates in Medway, Kent, and pulled together all the graphics and images we shared.


What I learnt from the day:

1) Housing associations, i.e. landlords with a big social heart, offer arguably some of the most varied services to their users out of any industry I’ve come across. We not only give people somewhere to live, but support them with finding employment, learning new skills and much more.

2) Housing makes a difference to people’s lives. A man’s home is his castle and never has that felt so true until seeing so many people’s stories today.

3) A message is more powerful when delivered en mass. Potential top trending spot for #HousingDay 2015?!

We’ve landed a spacecraft on a comet more than 510 million miles away, maybe one day there will be enough homes for those who need them.

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