Top five tools for busy social media managers

Top five tools for busy social media managers

You might have read that title thinking: “Busy social media manager? Surely there’s no need for the adjective. Social media managers are inherently busy.” And you’d be right, managing social is a continual loop of checking, drafting, re-writing, publishing, checking, replying and analysing.

But when managing a brand’s social channels is just one part of your job description like it is for me, tools that make this process easier become all the more essential.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of every tool I use, but they are what I use on a daily basis.


In my opinion, TweetDeck is the best tool out there for monitoring Twitter. It’s why I’ve used it for more than six years; since before Twitter bought it for a cool $40 million. My love for TweetDeck harks back to my journalism days because of its power in breaking news situations I’ve yet to find a better way to monitor tweets in one place than TweetDeck.

Sprout Social

I introduced this to our customer service team at work about 18 months ago. It’s a comprehensive social media management tool that isn’t hugely expensive. If you’re a medium sized company looking for monitoring, reporting and awesome customer service tools, Sprout is your friend.


Designers are amazing. I know some talented designers who produce consistently great work, but they do come at a price. If you work at a non-profit organisation like me you may not even have the luxury of Photoshop and this is why the free version of Canva is so useful. Updating multiple social channels a day calls for masses of original imagery and this is where Canva comes into its own. You can use their templates or build your own to create designer-standard visuals.


I’ve sung Trello’s praises before, but it’s not until recently that I’ve used Trello to keep our social content calendar in check. You can group tasks by boards and lists, use labels, checklists and due dates to organise your content. One of the great features is the ability to share boards to people who don’t have a Trello account.


Buffer is a great all rounder for scheduling social updates and reviewing their performance. The free version is good and allows you to see upcoming updates laid out in a simple format, with greater functionality available if you upgrade to the Awesome Plan. I especially love their iPhone app.

Worthy of note:

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