Tools to make your job easier: Trello

Working in communications means I’m always juggling lots of campaigns, projects and events as well as a stream of website and social media updates.

I love discovering products that make my job easier and then sharing them with others, so here’s my first post in a series about awesome time saving tools.

Trello is a free project management application which allows you to organise – in their words – anything.


Trello uses a Kanban style layout which is ideal for visual learners. You simply create lists and add cards, notes and images and archive them or drag them to another list when that task has been completed.

I don’t keep a paper to do list anymore. This saves on scribbling stuff out and rewriting it and I can access it on any device (but it works best on desktop Chrome). No need to carry round tatty notepads.

They frequently roll out updates and add fun new features. I use it to track project progress, list website bugs, for bookmarks and more.

A brand with a sense of humour makes it a joy to engage with it and Trello has a fun identity. I’d urge you to follow them on Twitter; their support and engagement is great.

And you’ve got to love a Taco.

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